when one thinks of the word withdrawal, they might first think that it be some sort of an after effect after one quits an addiction cold turkey…or, someone taking money out an account. another type of withdrawal would be when someone pulls back from society. that might be due to the fact that that person just can’t deal with all of the political b.s. that is so prevalent in today’s society. that is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind the last few days. one thing that is a part of that is that i’m not a huge fan of crowds…at all! as much as I love my family, there are those times that I just don’t want to be a part of their extended family get togethers…I have no real reason, or excuse to not want to…it just is what it is…there are even those times that I don’t want to be online due to the immense bullshittery that goes on in social media…but, the only thing that I can do about that is to simply ignore it…the only real thing that I can do about anything is to just pick and choose my steps…if something tries to get in my way…welp, I guess that I’ll have to deal with it at that moment…


but, live goes on whether, or not, I like how it’s going…it is what it is…

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What’s the big deal…?

okay, it is now officially Jan. 1, 2016…my question for anyone who might happen to read this little bit of wordage is…what’s the big deal…? the only thing different is that the calendar flips over to another year…so? new year…new beginnings…? not really…unless, one would be starting a new job, moving into a new house, welcoming a new member into their family? aside from that…isn’t everything else the same…? but, just because there are new happenings, that can’t really be attributed to the year being different…things are what they are, regardless of when it happens…so, again i ask…what’s the big deal…?

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and furthermore…

well, let me see…in my previous post here…whenever that was…i stated that i was gonna cancel my facebook account when the new format started…well, it has…and, i haven’t…why, you ask…? well, i guess that it’s the easiest way to keep in touch with old friends, and classmates…oh, and relatives in other parts of the country…so, whether that makes any sense, or not…it is what it is…at least…for now…got to remember that i have this blog too…

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Future Escapee From Facebook…

Well, for the longest time facebook was such a happy place. Sure, there were the trivial issues that we all went through every once in a while. But, just like I did when I had my first car tinkering with it to make it more “hot-roddish”, facebook has been making changes to their site, whether helpful or not…Now, they have the new profile that has been highly promoted. But, until now, it has been an option. An option that I have chosen to not switch over to use. But, today, there was a notice on my facebook home page that in a few days I will be upgraded to the new profile. My first reaction was…”say wha’?” What happened to freedom of choice? Well, it looks like that facebook has chosen to not allow that feature to it’s users…So, once they choose to take my choice away and upgrade to their new-fangled site…as I said previously, I will choose to cancel my account…

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just wondering

we are told in the bible, that Jesus as son of God, took part in the creation of the world and mankind. but, we’re also told that He took on the form of a man and was born to two lowly people…in a manger…wrapped in swaddling…surrounded by barnyard animals… only visited by shepherds from the fields…and three wise-men from the east…
so…now, i ask you all (whoever that might be) was He considered to be born again…? just wondering…

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Living in a political world

when i was a kid, my dad was very involved in politics. the only thing was, the community where we lived was largely republican. my dad was a democrat through and through. but, even so, he was active in community activities. his hero was Harry Truman. at one time, or another, he had met all three of the Kennedy brothers. he said that of the three Bobby was the most intelligent, followed by Jack. he didn’t have much to say for Ted. i turned 21 (that was the voting age then) in 1967. as i really didn’t have much political direction, i voted the same as my parents. when the next election rolled around, my affiliations switched and i voted for R. Nixon. i still didn’t have any political direction, but i was (at least in my own mind) casting my vote how i wanted to cast it. pretty much after all of the hoo haw that R. Nix got him and Spiro into, i stopped voting…until this year. so, how did i vote…my conscience…for what that’s worth. actually, the way that i see it is, that whoever will win, will win whether i voted for them or not…i’ll just be glad when this whole stinking election crap is over…period!!!

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My Desire

My Desire

Lord, it is my desire
to not see as the world sees,
but with uncorrupted eyes.
To see Your creation
without man’s hand print
tarnishing what You have made.

I do not want to see, and lust
for things that I do not need.
I only want for me
the things that only You
have in store for me.

The “treasures” that I possess
will only turn to dust…
unless they are given
from Your perfect hand.
I ask that You would remove
the tares from my life.

I am trusting in You,
for who else is there…?

(i wrote this about 2 years ago. i am posting it here to hopefully see if this post will kick-start things)

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