Living in a political world

when i was a kid, my dad was very involved in politics. the only thing was, the community where we lived was largely republican. my dad was a democrat through and through. but, even so, he was active in community activities. his hero was Harry Truman. at one time, or another, he had met all three of the Kennedy brothers. he said that of the three Bobby was the most intelligent, followed by Jack. he didn’t have much to say for Ted. i turned 21 (that was the voting age then) in 1967. as i really didn’t have much political direction, i voted the same as my parents. when the next election rolled around, my affiliations switched and i voted for R. Nixon. i still didn’t have any political direction, but i was (at least in my own mind) casting my vote how i wanted to cast it. pretty much after all of the hoo haw that R. Nix got him and Spiro into, i stopped voting…until this year. so, how did i vote…my conscience…for what that’s worth. actually, the way that i see it is, that whoever will win, will win whether i voted for them or not…i’ll just be glad when this whole stinking election crap is over…period!!!


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