Future Escapee From Facebook…

Well, for the longest time facebook was such a happy place. Sure, there were the trivial issues that we all went through every once in a while. But, just like I did when I had my first car tinkering with it to make it more “hot-roddish”, facebook has been making changes to their site, whether helpful or not…Now, they have the new profile that has been highly promoted. But, until now, it has been an option. An option that I have chosen to not switch over to use. But, today, there was a notice on my facebook home page that in a few days I will be upgraded to the new profile. My first reaction was…”say wha’?” What happened to freedom of choice? Well, it looks like that facebook has chosen to not allow that feature to it’s users…So, once they choose to take my choice away and upgrade to their new-fangled site…as I said previously, I will choose to cancel my account…


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One Response to Future Escapee From Facebook…

  1. Would be cool to see this place dusted off as well…

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