when one thinks of the word withdrawal, they might first think that it be some sort of an after effect after one quits an addiction cold turkey…or, someone taking money out an account. another type of withdrawal would be when someone pulls back from society. that might be due to the fact that that person just can’t deal with all of the political b.s. that is so prevalent in today’s society. that is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind the last few days. one thing that is a part of that is that i’m not a huge fan of crowds…at all! as much as I love my family, there are those times that I just don’t want to be a part of their extended family get togethers…I have no real reason, or excuse to not want to…it just is what it is…there are even those times that I don’t want to be online due to the immense bullshittery that goes on in social media…but, the only thing that I can do about that is to simply ignore it…the only real thing that I can do about anything is to just pick and choose my steps…if something tries to get in my way…welp, I guess that I’ll have to deal with it at that moment…


but, live goes on whether, or not, I like how it’s going…it is what it is…


About mistavista

just a person who enjoys life, his family, writing, and photography...
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